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    The cuisine of Mexico is one of the most ancient and distinguished cuisines in the world. Its origins date back to the past when the first inhabitants from South America started cultivating corn, tomatoes, and other stuff. We also owe Mexico our favourite chocolate. Over the centuries, the Mexican cuisine has been exposed to changes, absorbing both Aztec and Spanish recipes. Presently, the whole world can relish such dishes as burrito, taco, and fajitas.

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Having been once to Mexico, one wants to be back there again. The fierce heat of the sun, desert, and prickly cacti are not the only highlights of the country; it has many wonders to offer.

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Since the opening day, our restaurant has gone through a lot of different festivals

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The most genuine Mexican restaurant in Yerevan offers you excited crowd, hot Mexican rhythms, cacti,   steaming enchiladas and buffalo wings.

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